We are here to share our stories of how Racism, Hatred and Trauma have previously defined us and how WE as a Collective are Rising up, Refusing the Old paradigms of how things “were” and CREATING A NEW WORLD.

We are the LightKeepers of the world and are using ALCHEMY to transform our traumas (some of us in varying stages of healing) to BE the Change that our entire planet so desperately needs.

This is a SAFE place to say whatever it is you need to say to be heard once and for all. WE MUST CREATE THIS new Dimension with our shared vibrational frequencies in order for all Conscious Beings to live in Peace, Unity and LOVE…

Some of my Brothers and Sisters NEED a different approach and I am NOT the one. I will post a link to reach her ASAP.  It’s the only thing I know to do to “REFER to her”