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“If I can’t take you with me, what’s the point?” The world needs Co-Creators to create the life we truly want. Together, we can change how people do business, heal themselves and actually ARE the CHANGE the world needs NOW! So, let’s get honest together and I want to be totally transparent about who I am. The world needs Co-Creators to create the life we truly want.

After more than 20 years with a very successful career involved in EVERYTHING REAL ESTATE, I have decided to work with realtors all around the world vs one on one anymore. I am now spreading the message that WE together must co-create the world we want to live in. I humbly now am teaching others HOW to live life to its fullest while at the same time creating a global network of people who are change-makers, Healers and Heart-Centered Business owners.

So, I took down all of my real estate websites as I did not want realtors to think I was going to solicit their clients LOL I feel that I DO however need to tell you a little about my past experience though as otherwise you would just have to take my word for it. My motto is “Trust Yet Verify” Right? So here goes…

I have spent the last 20+ years working my way up to being in the TOP 1% of designations worldwide for realtors! What does this mean? Well, simply put, it means EXPERIENCE! So, here are some fancy- Smancy letters that literally took me years to obtain and what they mean. (Blushing a bit 🙂 )

Niki King, Broker

CRS (Certified Residential Property Specialist) only 4% of realtors have attained this. WHY? Because it takes successful close of transactions! This is the cream of the crop so to speak. One of the criteria is that you must have sold over $75 Million dollars of properties within a five year time period! Whew, that was quite the ride I tell me, I have seen pretty much every creative deal you can think of. lol

CIPS (Certified International Property Specialist). The CIPS Designation is the only designation of its kind in the real estate community. It’s synonymous with advanced expertise, a global perspective and distinct understanding of international real estate buyers. CIPS Agents / Brokers are aligned with the best in the business; an influential network of international real estate professionals. Less than 1% or Realtors Worldwide have this. WHY? Well, because it means you work all over the world, with many cultures, currencies and are very well travelled.

TRC (Transnational Referral Certification) is awarded by the International Consortium of Real Estate Associations (ICREA) 1% of Realtors have this designation as well. Why? well, think of it, “how many Realtors do you know doing business all around the globe?” TRC brokers are well-prepared to provide quality service to buyers with international real estate interests. The certification is paramount in generation of international leads, especially for Realtors® working in second home and resort markets as well as foreign Investors. Earning the TRC goes hand-in-hand with earning the Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS).

CLHMS (Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist). Recognized as the mark of accomplishment in luxury real estate markets around the world, the Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS) designation assures affluent homebuyers and real estate investors that the agents who have earned it have the knowledge, experience, competence, and confidence they require. Agents / Brokers who hold the CLHMS designation have documented performance in the TOP 10% of their markets, and have successfully demonstrated expertise in the luxury home and estate market.

e-Pro Certification indicates skill and knowledge in the most advanced real estate tools, technologies, and online strategies, as well as a commitment to go the extra mile to provide the most up-to-date and sophisticated real estate services. The e-Pro real estate certification is awarded by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR).

Certified Distressed Property Expert® (CDPE) has a thorough understanding of complex issues in today’s turbulent real estate industry and knowledge of foreclosure avoidance options available to homeowners. CDPEs can provide solutions, specifically short sales, for homeowners facing market hardships.

So………..I just wanted to give you a sense of the experience I have as I always wondered how people knew if you were any good or not, aside from the referral of a close family or friend of course.. But, even then, one could have the best intentions and still “Not Know What They Don’t Know right?” I mean, “what if they just had a great website but YOU were their first deal!” Oh, No… LOL! Anyway, I hope I have gained your trust and will be transparent in all my business affairs as I believe it’s the ONLY way to be Authentic and Of Service on the Planet!

*Just a side note here. I have had people wonder “Niki, How is it that you are such an accomplished Broker and also a Registered Nurse, Hospice Nurse, Speaker and Destination Retreat Leader?”

The answer is I have always been a Seeker.

A Seeker of Truth, of Healing and of the message that WE ALL need to help each other, Love each other, be Kind to each other and Be of Service on the Planet. I feel the Old Paradigm of Competition and us vs them is finished…. It’s time to Heal by helping each other grow… If your heart feels aligned to my message, I would love to be of service to you.

In Light,